Business enterprise operations may house high tech data systems, climate sensitive manufacturing equipment, or specific conditioned environments within several buildings located across a wide geographical area. At Taycon-TMI, we offer temperature control solutions with protocols configured for either standalone operation or incorporation into independent building automation systems. our advanced systems monitor comfort conditions and allow inter operability between building automation and control systems including fire and smoke, hazardous and chemical detection, security, lighting and HVAC. We feature open architecture “BACnet” systems, a worldwide (ANSI) standard for system communications in building automation.

These systems are designed to interface with wide area networks and web based networks utilizing Internet protocol. Whatever your critical design criteria, we can evaluate and design the automation systems that meet your current facility needs as well as address future issues. For more information on our controls capabilities, please email us

Empowering Your Vision With Daikin-TMI Controls: Your Dedicated Partner For Energy Excellence

Welcome to the forefront of innovation in HVAC and automation solutions for expansive properties of all types. From our offices in Missouri and Kansas, we serve customers throughout the US as well as globally.

At Daikin-TMI Controls, we’re not just about cutting-edge climate control technologies; we’re your strategic partner in crafting smarter, eco-conscious, and exceptionally efficient building landscapes.

At Daikin-TMI we approach controls with a focus on open protocol technology. While many companies claim their systems are open because they use BACnet hardware, they are exploiting a hidden loophole in open systems: the front end software. If a controls vendor installs proprietary software at the top of your BAS, you will be forced to return to that vendor on all future service and expansion needs—even if you have BACnet hardware. All functionality and data for a BAS flows through and relies on the front-end software. If that software is proprietary to one vendor, they can solely control the cost of all work done via that software in the future.

At Daikin-TMI we are partnered with the leader of open protocol software in the industry—and have been doing so for nearly 20 years. Tridium Niagara software has thousands of independent certified representatives, including dozens in each major population area. As a Niagara software system owner, you can engage any Niagara certified technician you choose to support your system after initial installation. And the Niagara N4 software can communicate with over 100 different system protocols, allowing you to choose any brand of hardware for your next project, as well as integrate nearly any brand of legacy hardware into your BAS. The power of open front-end software means you control the approach and cost of managing and maintaining your BAS in the manner you choose—not what is forced on you from a sole-source vendor of a proprietary software product. And you can even have your own technicians acquire the same Niagara certification that our technicians hold, further advancing your operational independence.

Our success rests on a foundation of tireless education, a command of diverse control systems, an extensive knowledge base, and an unswerving commitment to excellence. Regardless of your role in the building construction or management processes, our offerings are designed to realize your goals—for existing structures or new construction properties.

Elevating Comfort And Efficiency With Automated Temperature Controls

Daikin-TMI’s forte is revolutionizing the ordinary with our state-of-the-art Automated Temperature Control Systems. Combine these products with our exceptional engineering capabilities, and we aspire to elevate building ecosystems into smart spaces designed for comfort and efficiency. Our experienced and skilled teams can help you:

  • Leverage improved temperature control systems that are automated to adjust to changing conditions, ensuring unparalleled comfort.
  • Boost your building’s operational performance with our Building Automation Solutions (BAS).
  • Harness real-time energy insights through our Energy Dashboards for informed decisions.

Work with us to explore HVAC Controls that redefine comfort and efficiency and make sustainability attainable.

From Planning To Support: Comprehensive Controls And Service Programs

Daikin-TMI Controls champions comprehensive strategies, offering turnkey solutions that seamlessly blend diverse control components into unified systems. Our end-to-end approach includes both the systems and the service support, so you can rest assured that there is always a qualified and knowledgeable professional at hand to be of assistance. Daikin-TMI’s unwavering commitment to training and ongoing education equips our technicians to provide a level of service that can accommodate nearly every circumstance. Our unparalleled capabilities form the bedrock of these all-encompassing solutions:

  • Personalized turnkey programs combine components tailored to the architectural needs of your buildings with service programs that support your team at every stage.
  • Integrate control systems, harmonizing efficiency and comfort to create superior environments in Missouri, Kansas, and Southern Illinois.
  • Our services span beyond provenance; even if your system wasn’t purchased from us, our commitment to service stands—and we have the knowledge to deliver.
  • Ensure precision at every step in design, installation, programming, and service.
  • Find hidden efficiencies through meticulous energy audits, lighting the way to optimized performance.
  • Provide sustained excellence for all your facility controls via our Continuous Commissioning services.

Transform your facility’s energy profile with an exceptional experience that brings sustainable results.

Pioneering Sustainability Through Multi-System Proficiency

Daikin-TMI is more than a technology provider—we’re the authority on sustainable transformation. Our efforts extend beyond controls, reaching new heights in green architecture. Our focus is on Open Protocol systems, giving you unparalleled flexibility in the development, deployment, and servicing phases of your building automation portfolio. We’ll help you by:

  • Employing established techniques with unmatched attention to detail to shrink carbon footprints and rationalize resource use.
  • Collaborating with our experts to weave sustainability goals into actionable strategies.
  • Setting the bar on multi-system proficiency, expertly servicing systems outside Daikin’s lines.

Become part of the movement by reshaping your building’s energy profile and environmental imprint with Daikin-TMI Controls.

Recommissioning And Continuous Commissioning: Sustaining Optimal Performance

Daikin-TMI Controls takes its commitment further with recommissioning and continuous commissioning services. We’re here to ensure your systems start strong and stay strong, providing unwavering performance and efficiency for the long haul.

  • Recommissioning Refresh: Revitalize your system’s performance with our recommissioning expertise. We meticulously evaluate, fine-tune, and optimize system sequences to meet changing needs.
  • Continuous Commissioning Excellence: Our approach involves dynamic adjustments to system operations, ensuring they stay in sync with evolving requirements. This strategy means sustained efficiency and comfort without interruption.
  • Enhanced ROI: We help you maximize your return on investment by keeping your systems performing optimally. Reduced energy consumption and extended equipment life are just the beginning.
  • Effortless Efficiency: Leave the technicalities to us. With continuous commissioning, you can enjoy uninterrupted comfort and peak efficiency while focusing on what matters most to your building’s success.

Explore how our recommissioning and continuous commissioning services can elevate your building’s performance to new heights.

Daikin-TMI Controls is the architect for your building’s efficiency evolution. We bring unmatched knowledge, skills, and superior, customized control systems to provide efficiency, environmental sustainability, and comfort. We’re not only about systems; we’re about expertise woven into an experience. Are you ready to transcend the ordinary?

Connect with us today and enter the world of HVAC Controls reimagined by excellence.

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